Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spanish Croquettes

Last night going home from work I was thinking about dinner... The pasta sauce with meatballs finished the other day so I was wondering what to put in our plates.

I remembered I had a pesto sauce jar that needed to be used and by adding some fresh cream I had the pasta dilemma sorted. However, the milk in the fridge needed to be used, but I didn't feel like making any biscuits... So then, Spanish Croquettes came to my mind. My good friend and neighbor showed me how to make them last summer, so I gave it a try.

Now, the recipe calls for:

Ham pieces
Olive Oil
Bread crumbs
A bit of Salt
Frying oil

Now, the point is to make a very thick besciamella sauce, by heating up olive oil and adding flour and milk. When the sauce is thick enough to be rolled in to small balls or "sausages", add the ham pieces and cover them with bread crumbs.
Once the rollies were done, I heated up the frying oil and fried them until they turned brownish.
Once ready I placed the croquettes on a napkin to make sure the frying oil would drain out of them.

My son appreciated the croquettes, and needless to say they were ready in less than 15 minutes :)

This recipe will work with soy milk and substituting ham with peas or corn for vegan and vegetarians.

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