Friday, June 12, 2015

Courgettes, Roasted and Preserved

Last week was busy.
Last week was an unbelievable week. We are back to normal now, the new Au Pair has arrived and seems to be really nice. Her name is Chiara and this cohabiting is going to be extremely interesting.
Chiara can't, at present, eat most foods. When I asked her if there was anything she did not eat, she said: It'll be faster to tell you what I can eat".
She is, for the moment, intolerant to many, many, maaaany things.
The first night we had dinner together, I kept asking her what I could or could not put in the risotto I was making.

So, get ready for some new, extremely healthy and cheap recipes here...

In the meantime, while we were busy looking for the new Au Pair and fixing the cars for the NCTs, some courgettes just languished on my kitchen counter for a few days... Finally, on Sunday, I was so tired of seeing them I had the idea of using them all, otherwise they would just rot. And throwing food away is NOT an option.

But, what to do with 6 courgettes all at once???

I decided I would roast them and keep them in sunflower oil, so here we go:

Remove the top and bottom of each courgette, wash well in lukewarm water and cut them in half.

Now, place each piece on the chopping board and slice gently:

The slices should be not too thick, so that they cook quite fast.

Now, place a few on a grill pan:

Turn them every now and then and, once nicely roasted, add to a jar:

On the side, have some chopped garlic ready and, if you like, some mint leaves.

I also added some rock salt every now and then, adding the oil bit by bit, you will see no air remains in the jar.

Make sure the oil covers all the courgettes before placing your precious jar in the fridge.

Mint gives preserved vegetables a very fresh taste.