Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home Made Washing Powder

Hello again everyone!
Today I'm in the mood for posting, so here we go.

Two weeks ago, while still recovering from a small health problem, I noticed that we had no more washing powder, and so convinced myself it was time to "make" washing powder. So I searched the web for a simple recipe, and the simplest I could find was this one:

600 grams of Marseille Soap Bar (or any other soap bar which is as natural as possible)
300 grams of Baking Soda
200 grams of Soda Crystals (or washing soda)
100 grams of Corn or Potato Starch

If you wish, you can add 50 drops of any essential oil you fancy, like lavender, tea tree...

When I explained to my Spanish friend what I did she said: "Oh, so now you are cooking using the washing machine as well!"

I have to say, this is so easy to do and so safe, I got my son to help.

We simply grated the soap bars with the cheese grater, then added all the other ingredients together in a large bowl, to make sure they would be mixed properly.

Then I placed the powder obtained in an old biscuit bucket. It has a lid that stays on and is quite small so it fits in the cupboard.

With this recipe, we made 1.1 kilo of washing powder, for a total cost of 2 euros.
 In the background, two of the ingredients :)

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