Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring is (almost) here...

It was a nice weekend, the one just passed... We stayed home, we didn't even pop in a shop, and we were together. It's the best thing of all. Just being together.
Another achievement in my little life was that I started Apple Vinegar a few weeks ago, and yesterday, while stirring it, I could actually smell vinegar!!! It's so nice! I felt a bit like Tom Hanks in Cast Away: "I MADE FIRE!"
I'll post the pictures and the recipe very soon.
Another good thing is seeing the beans and peas germinating. I bought a tray with 40 tiny pots, filled them with last year's compost and voila'! After only one week, I can already see the first eight plants!!! I showed my son the small miracle of life happening in our kitchen, and he was so pleased. His smile makes all the difference... And I bet he feels just like me about this, because I let him water the pots on Saturday.
Hopefully we will have some good legumes to store for next winter. The beans I planted are Cannellini, the slim white ones, and Borlotti, the red spotted kind. As a child I remember helping my mother shell the Borlotti beans. It was so nice to sit on the verandah and open the beans and never know what colour they would be and just chat away about all kinds of stuff...
On my last day of sick leave from work, last week, I just took some beans from the pack of dried beans I always have in the stockpile and put them in the compost. The peas I planted were purchased for the purpose last year. And they are sprouting anyway. It's easy to do. These kind of plants do quite well in the Irish climate, and last year from just three plants I got all the peas we needed for the winter.
They are easily stored, shelled and frozen in a bag. They are better than the ones I usually buy dried and they do not need to be soaked overnight before cooking.
I can already smell Pasta with Beans!!!
I am THE optimistic one, uh?  :)

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