Thursday, March 8, 2012

Peas and Beans!

This morning, before coming into work, I have collected my peas and beans pots tray from a dear friend. She took care of them while we were away and I have to say, what a nice surprise! In just over 2 weeks, 38 pots have a plant in them. Tonight it's planting time! I can't wait!

My son and his friends in school have also started a vegetable garden with the help of one of the teachers. When he told me he was so happy, his eyes were shining!

Tonight, if the weather stays good, I will be building a small container in the garden, close to the back wall. It is a good sunny spot and I can attach a wire net to the wall where the peas and beans can be tied to, making sure all their potential develops.

We'll see!

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