Friday, March 9, 2012

Ham and Peppers Risotto

Last night I needed to pop in the shop for a few minutes just to get fruit and yogurt for my son's lunchbox. I ended up with 9 peppers because they were on offer. Once home I decided to try a risotto and this came out:

1 yellow pepper
10 ham cubes (I used Parma ham)
Olive Oil
1 cup of Arborio rice per person
1 cup of water per person
Parmesan cheese

First of all, as usual with risotto, I made the "base" by quickly frying the pepper cut in small pieces and the ham with a small onion chopped up. Once they started frying, I added a cup of water per person and salt. Do not overdo the salt because ham is salty already, so go easy at first and then taste it after a while to see if there is need for more.

This is the base ready. In a large pan, I placed another small onion, chopped, and let it get soft with some olive oil. I added the rice and toasted it for a few minutes, stirring it continuously.
After toasting the rice, I added the liquid part of the base and let the rice cook for the time needed. Once the rice is cooked, I added on the top the pepper and ham pieces and let the rice cook a bit more with some grated Parmesan cheese.
And this is the rice once in the plate :)
Obviously, without the ham, it's a good recipe for a vegan risotto.
Yum yum..

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