Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy Pasta Salad

The "nice season" is almost upon us, and our neighbors yesterday had the great idea of a barbecue to take full advantage of the sunny day. There is no summer in Ireland, only sunny days here and there, so when, by coincidence, the sun is out and the temperature is not too low, we all run to our gardens and start the barbecues!
When my neighbor called me yesterday, I said: "Wonderful! I'll bring salad!!!"
Then I realized, I had no salad in the fridge... Wooops :)
So I looked around the kitchen and saw I had bought some cherry tomatoes some days ago, and I had peppers in the vegetables bowl and I also had my brand new basil plant. Fantastic!

So I put on some water to cook 1/2 a kilo of pasta and sliced up the cherry tomatoes, the peppers and the basil. I added table salt, olive oil and some mayonnaise and left it all to stand while the water heated up to the boiling point.

I cooked the pasta just to the right point, which is a minute before it is ready to eat, drained it and put it back in its pot. Then I covered the drained pasta with cold water to stop the cooking process. That needs to be done every time you intend to make pasta salad, because otherwise the warm pasta will continue to "cook" even after it is drained.

I drained the pasta once again after about 2 minutes and mixed it with the salad mix.

And today I have a yummy lunch at work which does not need to be microwaved :)

The ingredients are:

Olive Oil
Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh Basil Leaves

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