Monday, June 11, 2012

Zucchine Sott'Olio - Canning Courgettes the easy way

My son is on holidays, lucky him. He's at my parent's in the countryside, in central Italy, in a beautiful valley that is my birthplace. He's having fun eating cherries straight on the tree, jumping on bales of hay and following my father wherever he goes.
He's having a great time, of course he's delighted to be outside the whole day and he seems to be sneezing his way out of asthma over there :)

This means that, at the weekend, our home is incredibly quiet and plain boring. Yesterday, though, I had the wonderful idea of canning. Aldi is offering courgettes at a very good price this fortnight, so I have to take advantage of it and do my best to refill my sottoli stock.

For a medium sized glass jar, I used 3 courgettes. I cut them in thin, round slices and placed them in a roasting dish:
On the top, I placed wooden sticks and a stainless steel utensil, so they would stay in place.
On the stove, in a small pot, I placed 600 ml of water and 600 ml of vinegar, with 1 teaspoon of salt. Once it started boiling, I poured it over the courgettes and set everything aside to cool.
Once cool, I drained the courgettes and lined them in 3 layers on clean tea towels.
Tap gently with your hands and forearms so the liquid will drain and then place the courgettes in a jar with small garlic pieces and some fresh basil leaves here and there.
Fill with olive oil, and using a knife, make sure all air bubbles are gone:
At the top, I placed two pieces of skewers to make sure the courgettes would stay covered in oil. They are yummy straight away or within the next month. I'm sure they are not going to last that long anyway:)

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