Monday, June 25, 2012

A Handmade Baby

We'll have our second (and last) baby soon. When we had our first, being him a non expected surprise, we were a bit overwhelmed... My husband was still a student, I was abroad working and things were just a tiny bit messy. Well, in the end, everything turned out to be ok, my husband found a job and moved here where I already had one, we rented a small place for us and were just not prepared for anything that was coming. We were just over the moon with happiness and full of questions. This time around, we have our own house, we are settled. I can just have fun creating a welcoming environment for the baby that will hopefully be with us at the beginning of December.

More importantly, I now own a sewing machine! So I could not miss the chance to create something nice for this new baby...

Because I am not an expert in the art of sewing, I just took a pattern from a beautiful blog and then measured up a friend's Mei Tai carrier and made my own last night. Yep, after having dinner and watching Italy playing at a friend's house, we returned home and I put together a baby carrier:
In the past couple of weeks I also made two hats, one for the baby and one for my son, with his initial on. I knitted them without any patters, just out of fantasy. The one for my son is quite plain, in two colors of cotton&bamboo thread. The one for baby looks like a smurfs' hat, because I knitted it like a triangle.
I love all of my "creations" so far. More are to come. I bought Aran Islands wool to knit a baby blanket and am working on it at the moment. We'll see the results soon.

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