Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spilling the Beans...

My au pair, Dalia, had some intolerance tests done while in Italy, and she found out she must not eat too much gluten, yeast, yoghurt... So we are changing now the way we eat here, and hopefully this will lead to more inspiration for those who cannot eat those things.

Yesterday I cooked something very simple, but it's worth sharing because it tasted very very nice.

We made Beans with Rice.


Soaked Pinto Beans
Tomato Sauce

A hint of Smoked Paprika


Salt to taste

Cook the beans in water and salt for about 1 hour.
Drain the beans once cooked and set aside. In the same pot, place some olive oil, some sausage pieces, half an onion and a couple of garlic cloves.
 Here, I added a few more sausages just so we had some extra for today.
Add the beans you has set on the side and stir.
 Add enough water to cover everything.
 Add a few spoonfuls of tomato passata.
 Cover and simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes, just enough time to get a nice sauce.

Cook some basmati rice with salt and turmeric, so it is healthy and yellow :)

Once everything is ready, serve and enjoy!

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