Sunday, March 15, 2015

And More Gardening...

We had some beautiful sunny afternoons in the past few days, so the chance to transfer some plants in the garden could not be missed!

These were sunflowers, when they had just decided to pop up from the soil :) As you can see, my non conventional pot follows the golden rule: Reduce Reuse Recycle.

This is my daughter watering the spinach, the day before we could see them coming out!
The next day, she was thrilled to see all the little plants :)
These are runner beans, peas, borlotti beans and pop corn ready to be placed...
And here they are in their definite home :) Runner beans on the left, borlotti in the middle and peas on the right.
Here too, the garden net I used has been repurposed so it will help the plants in their climbing job.

I had to place these in the tunnel because the risk of frost is not behind us just yet, and last year I have learned is not something beans, and legumes in general, enjoy too much... There is still room for the tomatoes, which are still about 5 centimetres high. I have consulted my gardening advisor this morning (my mother), and she recommends to wait until they are at least twice this size before transplanting them outside.

The strawberries are all in their place, some in the vertical pallet, some in the cinder block holes, ready to make us happy again during the spring.

The pallet will get painted at some stage...

Upstairs, I have noticed last night, finally a courgette is sprouting! I can't wait to taste my home grown courgettes! Pasta with zucchini sauce is one of my favourites, and when the courgettes will be ready it's going to be the first thing on my list!!!

And this is the windowsill downstairs! 
Cacti, rocket salad, swiss chard, more pop corns and... cucumbers!!!
They are the ones on the left, next to the rocket which has not yet sprouted...

These above, instead, are the spinach, where my daughter worked her magic :)
The pot will stay in the polytunnel for a good while, so they are protected.

Gooseberry on the left and raspberry on the right :)

I am delighted so far, there's still a lot to do! I need to plant the potatoes as soon as possible but a place for them is not ready yet.

Enjoy your gardens!!!

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