Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Planner - Download

I have a few recipes I've tried recently which I was impatient to share on the Blog, but today I would like to share something that I want to start using from September:

LunchBox Planner

Weekly menu Planner

A new baby is on the way for us, and I feel more and more forgetful and tired all the time. My friends who have children tell me it's normal, but I don't like it one bit! That is why I came up with these templates. One is for use for the weekly dinners, and weekend meals. One is to make sure I give my son, who's starting Primary School in September, enough variety. 
This is what I've been doing all along, because my son has been in childcare since he was 13 months, but I've always refused to avail of their catering services. I prefer to cook myself for him. Now that another child is coming, I'm afraid I will forget more and more things being busier. So that's why I wanted something in writing to keep on the kitchen wall.

Download and enjoy!

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