Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hybrid Tacos Burritos Piadina...

What we made instead of enchiladas, two nights ago, was this:

I had some dough for naan bread already made:
I worked it in this way, dividing it into 2 and then 4 and then 8 and then 16 parts:

With the rolling pin, I have made it nice and round and very thin and then cooked it on both sides, on low heat, in my cast iron wok.

These are the first 3 of them, nicely cooked. I finished cooking the rest and there I was with 16 naan breads, ready to be filled.

Then I prepared a series of fillings:

About 800 grams of mince meat, cooked with just salt and a tiny bit of water

Shredded carrots

Shredded courgettes cooked with salt

A can of chickpeas cooked with a bit of green curry paste

A can of sweetcorn slightly cooked with a spoonful of butter

Then, everyone chose their fillings, topped it with some cheese and the hybrids were ready to go under the grill:

A few minutes for the cheese to melt and dinner for 7 was done :)

I had a great time cooking, trying to come up with filling ideas and obviously eating with friends and family...

Everyone was pleasantly surprised because nobody in the house knew exactly what to expect, including me!!!!

If you leave out the mince meat it becomes a vegetarian dish, fun to prepare and easy to put together.

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